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Birthday Party Promotion

Celebrate your Birthday at The Lighthouse and we'll give you and your friends FREE Birthday Shots, a great way to get the party started. 

Also, the Birthday girl or boy gets 1 FREE Poutine and 1 FREE Birthday Brownie.

That's right, special treatment for you (and your friends) on your special day with our new Birthday Party promotion.

To take advantage of this special offer you must call ahead and register your party with us and show us some form of I.D. on the night. 

Happy Birthday to all from The Lighthouse Staff


     Chelsea - Premier League

~ Weekend Sport at the Lighthouse ~



Tue June 19th :

20:00 World Cup : Colombia V Japan

23:00 World Cup : Poland V Senegal

02:00 World Cup : Russia V Egypt


Wed. June 20th

20:00 World Cup : Portugal V Morocco

23:00 World Cup : Uruguay V Saudi Arabia

02:00 World Cup : Iran V Spain


Thu. June 21st : 

20:00 World Cup : Denmark V Australia

23:00 World Cup : France V Peru

02:00 World Cup : Argentina V Croatia


Fri. June 22nd :

20:00 World Cup : Brazil V Costa Rica

23:00 World Cup : Nigeria V Iceland

02:00 World Cup : Serbia V Switzerland


Sat. June 23rd :

18:00 International Rugby : Australia V Ireland

20:00 World Cup : Belgium V Tunisia

23:00 World Cup : South Korea V Mexico

23:00 International Rugby : South Africa V England

02:00 World Cup : Germany V Sweden


Sun. June 24th :

20:00 World Cup : England V Panama

23:00 World Cup : Japan V Senegal

02:00 World Cup : Poland V Colombia


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